The Love Story (aka, how J left Ireland to end up with Elle)

1200x1200_1500178920-c32a8d6f4f0cff83-20170412_004230In May 2011, on the day of Elle’s college graduation, one of her very best friends posted a congratulatory tweet and asked her followers to congratulate Elle as well. On the other side of the Atlantic, J saw that tweet and congratulated the friend-of-a-friend–and the rest is history!

Except, not quite.

For the five years that followed, Elle and J chatted on various social media platforms, went out to dinner whenever he visited Chicago, and were generally good friends. They were both interested in each other–although they did not figure this out until much later–but between the distance and the way they both drifted away from the fandom that originally brought them together, things were left unsaid.

Enter Wrestlemania 2016.

Yet another fateful tweet, this time a complaint about a wrestler made by Elle, led to long conversations about wrestling in the months that followed. And so, when J made an offhand comment about his feelings at 5:00AM Irish time on a Monday, Elle did one of the few spontaneous things she’s ever done in her life: she suggested they give it a go.

Years of feelings and dreams were shared during their daily video chats (which were consistent even when he was 14 hours ahead during his visit to Japan) and soon it became clear to both of them that this was something special. They grew to love their differences–and as an Irish Protestant and a Puerto Rican Jew, there are many!–and relish in their many common interests.

Many wrestling PPVs, two Warcraft subscriptions, and a visit to Ireland later, Elle and J were engaged–and, after a return to Ireland and a NYE escape to London, J ended their transatlantic separation by moving to Chicago and marrying Elle.

And now? They’re writing their own history.