weekly update on resolutions, week 4

it’s that time of the week again y’all~

Write something every day (except Shabbat). I’ve only missed a grand total of five days in the whole month, which is totally wild for me! I’ve also written 21.5K words this month, way beyond anything I’d imagined!

Be better about money. I’ve collected all the stuff I need, so I am hoping to be able to report that my taxes are done when next I give y’all an update. On a bright side, I’ve gotten up to date on almost every account and I’ve got a plan moving forward. On a “need to work on” note, I didn’t actually spend time cooking until yesterday, so that “restaurants” tab on Mint has been getting a lot of action.

Self-validate more. This one has remained difficult, but I’m happy to say that I’ve kept working on it, and I’ve got the whole year!

there are a couple of posts in the drafts that need to be finished and queued; hopefully one of them will be posted before the end of this week and then we’ll have another next week 💖


weekly update on resolutions

let’s check in on progress for my three big-picture goals for the year…

Write something every day (except Shabbat). I’ve actually only missed a couple of days (literally) so far this month and I’ve written just under 15,200 words (not counting this post). It has been really exciting, but grad school started this week so I expect I’ll slow down a little bit on the output… but I am going to keep working to find time to write! I’ve also been reading for leisure almost every day, even if for just a few minutes at a time, to give myself time to recharge before going back to work. It’s been really nice so far!

Be better about money. I’ve been trying to spend less with mixed results, but I have made an effort to track all my bills and get everything on AutoPay and just generally make sure I’m current on all accounts and have a clearer idea of how much money is in my checking at all times! Overall, I do feel like I’ve been doing better at not hiding from my finances, but I know that there is still a lot of work to be done! On a bright side, I did already prep all of my itemized deductions for my side gig (including my miles!) so I am literally just waiting on W-2s/1099s so I can file my taxes.

Self-validate more. One of the reasons I started a bullet journal (which my therapist is thrilled about!) is so I can have visual representations of my progress, which will make it easier to remember that I am growing and I should be giving myself credit for it. I’ve also been working on celebrating my successes (even if all I did was finish my to-do list) and talking myself through the stumbles in a less negative way—so I’m excited about my progress so far!

weekly update on resolutions

I am excited to report I am doing alright so far! I’m particularly excited about how much writing I’ve done… I’ve started tracking my word count in a gorgeous tracker courtesy of Svenja Gosen and, not counting this post, the blog post I’ve been working on (re: traditions, coming soon!), or any academic writing, I’ve written about 6300 words so far this month! I’ve also really tightened the reins on my finances—it’s going to be an interesting few weeks but I am hoping I’ll come out on the other side with a lot more breathing room.

somewhat relatedly, I saw my therapist for the first time in about a month (we took off for winter holidays) a couple of days ago and brought my bullet journal… she was really excited to see me working on something like this, especially with the mood tracker, and was really proud of me for actually resting rather than working during break.

now to keep the momentum going and keep myself as even possible…