weekly update on resolutions

I am excited to report I am doing alright so far! I’m particularly excited about how much writing I’ve done… I’ve started tracking my word count in a gorgeous tracker courtesy of Svenja Gosen and, not counting this post, the blog post I’ve been working on (re: traditions, coming soon!), or any academic writing, I’ve written about 6300 words so far this month! I’ve also really tightened the reins on my finances—it’s going to be an interesting few weeks but I am hoping I’ll come out on the other side with a lot more breathing room.

somewhat relatedly, I saw my therapist for the first time in about a month (we took off for winter holidays) a couple of days ago and brought my bullet journal… she was really excited to see me working on something like this, especially with the mood tracker, and was really proud of me for actually resting rather than working during break.

now to keep the momentum going and keep myself as even possible…


a small victory (so far)

yes, yes, it’s only January 2nd and people are usually still on the wagon today—but, actually, it would not be entirely unheard of for me to have already failed at doing one of the things I set out to do and start feeling like a failure.

instead, I’m going to take a couple of minutes to celebrate that I worked through my whole to-do list today and did a fair bit of work on my bullet journal and that I am now taking some time to reflect on what went well, prep to continue working tomorrow, and see what comes next.

on resolutions and executive dysfunction

I know, I know—writing the first post for a new blog on January 1st and writing about resolutions?


Knowing how overdone this is, though, I’ve decided to give this a try anyway because I’ve got a particular perspective that I think might be helpful for anyone who might read this—and, really, I’m mostly doing this for myself because I have a lot of feelings to process.

But first, a bit of a context regarding my perspective.

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