About Elle

(That’s “Elle” like the magazine, and it stands both for the letter—the initial of her legal name—and the start of her Hebrew name, Eliava.)

Photography by Brad McCree of McCree Photography.

Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, a wordy girl moved to Chicago for college and never left. Somewhere along the way, she also fell in love with Judaism and became Eliava Zoheret. Sometime after that, she reconnected with a friend from Ireland and they decided to see where it went—and then they stood under the chuppah May 2018 to become husband and wife. (You can find the whole love story here.)

Elle is a bilingual educator, differentiation specialist, doctoral student, and freelance writer living with her husband J, their roommate M, and their cat Miss Kiwi.

When she is not planning lessons, grading essays, writing papers, or fighting with her blog, Elle can be found watching TV, curled up with a book, or leveling her druid in World of Warcraft. Sometimes she also sleeps.