ella, elle… her.

(That’s “Elle” like the magazine, and it stands both for the letter—the initial of her legal name—and the start of her Hebrew name, Eliava.)

Close-up photograph of the author, who is wearing a rainbow rose crown in the style of Frida Kahlo with matching star of David earrings.
Elle, Pride Shabbat 2019.

Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (in 1989 like Taylor Swift), a wordy girl moved to Chicago for college and never left. Somewhere along the way, she also fell in love with Judaism and became Eliava Zoheret.

Elle is a bilingual educator, differentiation specialist, doctoral candidate, and freelance writer living with her roommate M and their cat Miss Kiwi.

When she is not planning lessons, grading essays, writing papers, or fighting with her blog, Elle can be found watching TV, curled up with a book, remodeling houses in The Sims, or leveling her druid in World of Warcraft. Sometimes she also sleeps.