30 for my 30s

Here’s the bucket list for the next decade, which I hope to keep updated as we go along:

  1. do public karaoke
  2. go to a new country/travel destination
  3. take a dance/yoga class
  4. see a Broadway show
  5. host seder for the dads
  6. finish writing a book
  7. collect family recipes
  8. unplug for a weekend
  9. get myself my dream shoes for graduation
  10. get a tattoo with my girls (maybe covering my wrist tattoo?)
  11. take a cooking class
  12. learn to read music
  13. improve at reading Hebrew
  14. take an Amtrak across the country
  15. treat myself to a fancy hotel retreat for a weekend
  16. drive on the other side of the road
  17. go back to the Caribbean
  18. get a lash lift/tint OR extensions!
  19. start waking up/going to bed at a consistent time
  20. do a touristy thing in the city I haven’t done
  21. start a nest egg
  22. explore ancestry
  23. stop biting nails
  24. publish something!
  25. go to an academic conference
  26. go on an adventure with my sibling(s)
  27. visit a national park
  28. write a letter to myself (to read at my 40th birthday)
  29. let someone else lead me
  30. go see a drag show

this might change—we know I’m bad at decisions—but this is what my list looks like as of my 30th birthday!