reflections, week 14

(weekly updates two weeks in a row? in this, the year of some people’s lord 2020? who is she?)

create a writing routine. this has been… interesting. now that I have a writing nook in my room (pictures coming soon!!!), I am definitely taking some time to sit down and decompress with my bullet journal every night so that’s working well. we’re also only on day two of Camp NaNoWriMo, but I did block writing time on my calendar and I have at least spent some of the scheduled time writing—so perhaps I’ve found a routine that will work in times of quarantine? we just have to see what happens if and when I need to start leaving the house again…

be responsible with money. this is still not back to normal from the furniture I replaced and some of the other household things I got—I’m hoping that I’ll have a better idea of how I’m doing with making these decisions by my next pay period. 😬

make better health choices. obviously it’s only day two of April, but I did wake up to workout via obé dance class yesterday and I did join a meditation zoom with a friend this morning—so I feel like I’m doing well enough here! I’ve been compliant with my medications, as usual, and I’ve been diligent about the bullet journal… but I’m also avoiding weighing myself right now and trying to get into a good routine for meal prepping and baking in the time of quarantine. my therapist is impressed with how I’m keeping it together and I’m able to Zoom with her, so that’s also steady… the challenge will be to see how this continues.

unplug from social media on Shabbat. I’m actually probably going to take this to the next level next week and try to stay off social media most of next week so I can actually relax during spring break… we’ll see whether that actually happens! I’ve also received some of my embroidery materials and the final book in a series I love so I’m hoping to do some offline things next week in general. will report back!

start a nighttime routine to wind down (at 10PM). I have to be real—I am failing at this on an astronomical level. for some reason, I haven’t been able to fall asleep earlier than 1AM since, like, last Saturday… so I’ve been sleeping in a bit later so I can try to have enough sleep anyway. I’m hoping that it’s just the sudden stress over some of the stuff going on at work and that I can get it together soon and get back on a decent schedule… but, if I haven’t gotten it together by next week, I’m going to take some more stringent measures to stop working earlier in the day so I can actually give myself enough time to wind down for sleep (and maybe add some yoga or other relaxation).

until next time! ♥

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