reflections, week 18

yes, I’m still here, and stuff is still happening, and I’ve got some updates for y’all.

create a writing routine. y’all, this went so well at the start of this month… I was ahead of the curve for Camp NaNoWriMo! but then the depressive episode hit mid-month and I’ve just been stuck in neutral ever since. I made a lot of progress on this month’s project and I wrote some stuff for it that I really loved, but I’m really not certain where I’m going next or whether I’m gonna be able to do any writing tomorrow so I’m sad to have yet another one where I don’t get to finish, especially since I started out so well. but it was so nice to have a space where I could write this month, and I really appreciated getting to do it, so I want to do so much more of it! we’ll see!

be responsible with money. this has been pretty good despite the madness of this pandemic, and I’ve managed to pay off another two things and just renewed my lease so I’m feeling pretty steady about the next year… I’m just freaking out a little about the summer because of course summer camp isn’t happening and I’m going to have to find a way to supplement my income because I haven’t been able to save like I wanted to what with how wild the past few months have been. it’s been hard to know that I’ve been improving so much on this and I might still end up in that hot mess place this summer! but we’ll see how things end up…

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what’s in a name?

“…that which we call a rose / by any other word would smell as sweet…” ~Romeo and Juliet, 2.2.43-44

photograph of stargazer lilies, which are various shades of pink and go from the deepest color at the center of the petal to almost-white at the edges
is this a play on the fact that the Hebrew name Shoshana once meant “lily” and now means “rose”? you betcha.

(cw: grief, complicated family dynamics)

I feel like I write one of these every few years at this point—a post in which I wax poetic about how many names I have and why I have so many and what they all mean and what I would like to be called, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam. so I figured, for once, I’m going to write that post not on Facebook and I’m going to archive it somewhere where I can just have a handy link for future reference. 🙂

why do I keep having to do this, you might ask?

the truth is that I was doomed from birth—I had been destined to be the third of my name, named after my grandfather (who had no sons) and his father before him, but then I was assigned female at birth and my mom had to get really creative really quickly and ended up saddling me with a host of names that have started many an interesting story.

buckle up and let’s go on a journey, shall we?

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my number one with a bullet (journal)

(yes, that’s a Fall Out Boy reference, let me live~)

three notebooks on top of a black wooden desk.
bujo planning setup: current bujo, last year’s bujo, bujo-planning notebook, layout pens.

if you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’ve probably seen me mention my bullet journal. I started the project last year with some really gorgeous and intricate hand-drawn spreads (like this stunning pride one that I labored over for literal hours)—and I ended up quitting after having several months where I just could not keep up with the standard I had set for myself (even after trying to restart in the face of skipped months).

so, for this year, I decided to keep it simple and do the bullet journal MY WAY so that I would actually keep up with it!

read on to find out how I did it—as well as to see some of my recommendations for printables and supplies to set up the perfect, customized bullet journal layout for yourself in just a few, easy steps!

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reflections, week 14

(weekly updates two weeks in a row? in this, the year of some people’s lord 2020? who is she?)

create a writing routine. this has been… interesting. now that I have a writing nook in my room (pictures coming soon!!!), I am definitely taking some time to sit down and decompress with my bullet journal every night so that’s working well. we’re also only on day two of Camp NaNoWriMo, but I did block writing time on my calendar and I have at least spent some of the scheduled time writing—so perhaps I’ve found a routine that will work in times of quarantine? we just have to see what happens if and when I need to start leaving the house again…

be responsible with money. this is still not back to normal from the furniture I replaced and some of the other household things I got—I’m hoping that I’ll have a better idea of how I’m doing with making these decisions by my next pay period. 😬

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