2020 reflections, week 2

hi everyone! I’m so excited to write the first weekly update of the year (although it’s the update for the second week, haha). I don’t anticipate that updates will always be this long, but since I did a lot of set-up work over the past week, I’ve got a lot to report!

create a writing routine. not a lot of progress on this yet—I’ve got some ideas and things are aligning for it, but I haven’t really deployed it yet (other than scheduling blogging time for Wednesdays, which I’ve been doing since last year). I have been good about logging stuff for my bullet journal and I did create a journaling/reflecting routine at least, so that should work moving forward. I’m hoping that this will improve moving forward, especially now that things are flowing with some of the other goals…

be responsible with money. this was a pretty good money week—things got paid on time and I was good about knowing what was due when. this will definitely be more of a long-term thing for me, so I’m waiting to see how things develop—but one of the things I wanted to do was to reduce the amount of times I got food delivered and I definitely did that! I’m also doing some inventorying in my closet right now and trying to schedule some time to slowly make my way through my room and start cleaning out the multitude of things I’ve accumulated but don’t use!

(recurring cw for the THIRD goal: mentions/discussions of mental health [specifically anxiety, bipolar II, ADHD], psychotropic medications, weight loss, food/nutrient/calorie tracking, intermittent fasting. if any of these could be remotely upsetting, please take care of yourself and skip that whole section! to make it easier to know what’s where, I’ve tagged mental and physical health in bold italics.)

make better health choices. this is by far my biggest win! with my mental health, I have found time to journal and reflect and relax, so I feel like my mood’s been more even and I’ve been handling the wild amounts of stress better than I would have otherwise. I’ve continued to be kind to myself as well, and that’s been a sustained win! I’ve also made an appointment to resume talk therapy and had my first psychiatric appointment, where we decided that I was going try some medication for ADHD. today’s my first day on it (!!!!!), so I’ll report back on that next week! my follow-up appointment next month will be a conversation about fine-tuning these meds and figuring out whether I want to try any meds for anything else.

with my physical health, I drank so much more water than I ever have and I have slept more and better since I’m tracking my sleep hours and I have a wind-down routine I’m working on. I tracked all my food and drink intake last week to spot some patterns, and I’ve reduced my consumption of pop (aka Coke) by a whopping 91%—which had the added bonus of reducing the amount of calories I’m having everyday by a massive amount! so I now have room to eat more food and, since I’m trying to eat better, I shopped for some healthier snacks last week and tried to think about my eating for the week a little more big-picture. I did some cooking and I’ve been trying to stop eating earlier in the night, but I’m also being flexible with myself and making sure not to be obsessed with the tracking or with the numbers on the scale—I have dealt with disordered eating before and I don’t want to fall back into that trap! I’m testing out a scale/app that will indicate if I’m making progress but won’t give me numbers, so we’ll see how that goes.

unplug from social media on Shabbat. this is truly way harder for other people than it is for me—since I’m asking them not to talk to me about things on social media either. I’m going to suggest that they just send me whatever made them think of me and then I can wade through my notifications when I’m back online, since I’m already going to have to catch up anyway. but it’s been really nice to have time where I can set aside the rest of the world for a while and focus on me, so I definitely am committed to doing this. while I don’t want to over-schedule myself on Shabbat like I do just about every other day, I am considering setting some time aside for things I’d like to do on Shabbat, like play some board games at home or go for coffee/walk dates with friends I don’t see often. (FTR, with very few exceptions, I have not worked or answered emails on Shabbat, and I try not to do chores during that time either.)

start a nighttime routine to wind down (at 10PM). this has actually gone better than expected; while I have not actually done it every day like I hoped, I notice that I start trying to wrap things up earlier and I really am making an effort to start winding down around 10. something else that has been helpful is that I’m listening to a women’s Daf Yomi podcast—my first podcast ever, which is very true to form for me—close to bedtime, so I’m in a much more reflective state and I find it easy to transition into journaling and davening (praying) before bed. I think I’m going to include davening into my nighttime routine goals and really make bedtime a more special time… which, inevitably, will lead me into setting a better morning routine. I’m going to try and work towards this week and, who knows? maybe I’ll revise this goal to be about following both morning and nighttime routines!

I know I talk a lot about routines I’ve set up and apps that I’m using, so let me know if you’d be interested in a more in-depth post about anything—I’m willing to make some lists, write some reviews, link you to stuff… whatever works!

until next time!

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