#BlogElul 3: Prepare

(for the Jewish month of Elul, which happens to coincide pretty perfectly with the month of September this year, I’m going to try to blog once a day about one of the themes for the month to prepare for the upcoming Yamim Nora’im or High Holy Days. I will most likely blog in the evenings, so it will technically already be the next day in the Hebrew calendar, but I’m really going to try to keep up with this! you can pop on over to originator Rabbi Phyllis Sommer’s blog for more details about this project.)

it’s interesting that this is the post I do hella late because it has to do with preparation—and I was gone from the internet for most of yesterday because it was the first day of school and i was absolutely exhausted after all the preparation I did. as is often the case, though, no matter how much or how well we prepared, there were still surprises… and that’s really why my goal right now is to prepare for the unexpected.

allow me to elaborate.

I’ve previously mentioned that I’m not good with change—uncertainty makes me hella uncomfortable—so I’m working on preparing myself emotionally to deal in the ambiguity and uncertainty that makes up a pretty large part of life. I’m preparing to be a little less prepared, in a sense; I’m prepared to let go a bit more and try to focus more on enjoying the moment as it’s happening instead of panicking about preparing for the next moment. I’m hoping that this will help with my anxiety, but also improve my quality of life and relationships.

so as I’m going through this month to try and prepare spiritually for the next Jewish year, I’m also looking to let go of my need to be prepared for everything and improve my prioritization—no one can do everything, so I need to stop trying and focus on doing what I can do as well as I can possibly do it.

let’s prepare for the unexpected together this year!

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