reflections, week 31

yet another hiatus, although this one a bit shorter! honestly most of the reason for the delay is that I was trying to focus my (very) limited word output into my Camp NaNoWriMo project but, now that it’s August, it’s time to return to other ventures.

write something every day (except Shabbat). this was really rough throughout all of last month, which is extra tragic because what I did write was for my genre-bending book project that I am really excited about. but between the twelve-hour workdays and the end of my doctoral coursework, there just wasn’t a ton of time to really dedicate to writing—to the point that I also completely ignored my bullet journal this month. I’m going to try and hop back on that particular horse for August and, even though I hope to work on it between now and then, I am also trying to prepare myself to have a stronger framework for November’s NaNoWriMo attempt so I can really finish this project. fingers crossed!

be better about money. this has been super steady even though I’ve definitely treated myself a little bit more lately (getting UberEats at work on long days… and resubscribing to World of Warcraft)—I think that the sustained effort of this year put me in a good place for the summer, and the overtime I’ve been getting at my summer job sure isn’t hurting! however, we (the Chicago Teachers Union) have yet to sign a new contract with Chicago Public Schools, so I am more than a little nervous that the “lean season” of the summer might, uh, extend into September. really, really praying that we reach an agreement soon so I don’t have to worry about another strike! (the memories from 2012 are bad enough!)

self-validate more. this week I shared some of my grandma’s wisdom with coworkers—her famous phrase “don’t let anyone steal your peace/joy” in particular—and I found that I have honestly really been living that this year! not only have I been letting go of other people’s opinions and not trying to please other people over taking care of myself and my own needs! (she was very excited to hear that also.) something that has been a happy side-effect to this is that I have been more comfortable asserting myself in situations so, when uncomfortable or when I’m just not going to do something? I’m just saying it directly! it’s basically a miracle!

okay, lunch break ending, so I’ve gotta get back to work—until next time!

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