reflections, week 26

a day late because I was on a mini vacation to Galena! the town was as charming and lovely as usual, but the gnats were wild and husband and I were both sickly at different times so most of our vacation was spent eating Culver’s and napping in our hotel room… and we regret nothing.

write something every day (except Shabbat). I’ve done some of this but, honestly, I’ve been drowning in academic writing and trying to prepare to work on my July project so I haven’t had as much time to write—and, you know what? that’s fine. I work multiple jobs and I’m going to grad school and I’ve written more this year than I ever have before. so I’m focusing on the wins and being kind to myself. 🙂

be better about money. this has remained pretty steady—I think I was particularly good about not buying all the things when we were in Galena—but I still think that summer’s going to be the real test of how well I am (or am not) doing with this! I get my last CPS paycheck on July 5th, so the “reduced income summer” season is inching closer and closer!

self-validate more. still working on being nice to myself and on keeping it steady—and, lately, I have validated myself a lot as a researcher while I work on my dissertation pre-proposal (since there isn’t really another expert for me to run every single little detail by—I’m becoming the expert, that’s the whole point!) and my scores for the pre-proposal components have reflected that success I thought I was having, so that’s really reassuring also. I want to self-validate but I also recognize that there’s nothing wrong with some external validation!

I’ve got some bullet journal reflections and some recipe recaps queued up, and I’m sure I’ll have some screaming posts about this summer, so I expect I’ll be a little more present over the next few weeks! (hopefully!)

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