reflections, week 24

trying to get my update in while dealing with back pain at work because that’s just the kind of life we’re living right now…

write something every day (except Shabbat). I’m sure we’re all (not) going to be surprised that I’m not doing this. In my defense, it turns out I did not make my monthly word count goal in March either, not just May, so maybe months-starting-with-M are my kryptonite this year. that said, I skipped last week’s updates and honestly haven’t written anything not academic in this whole month so far because I’m freaking out about my dissertation proposal—but I think I’m gonna try Camp NaNoWriMo again in July to finish the book I started in April (especially now that two agents have expressed interest in the premise). I’ve never queried before and I’m honestly terrified but I also know that I’ve got dreams I’d like to go after, so. *shrugs* we’ll see what happens. I did get back in the saddle with my bullet journal, though, so that’s exciting! I’m going to count it as progress and dream about the future, haha.

be better about money. this has been steady enough after the big spend-a-thon of the spring—which I knew was necessary and I did end up catching up on my payments and paying off a credit card, yay—but I am definitely still preeeeeetty nervous about the summer. we’ll see.

self-validate more. I actually had to practice this in the middle of the night Sunday-to-Monday when convincing myself that it was okay to take a day off because my back hurt too much to move. I also practiced it when I applied to a dream program and when I signed up for the comprehensive exam (!!!!!!!!!!)—and I did do both of the aforementioned things, so I’m doing decently well in this arena thus far.

until the next time! if my back pain subsides, I might get into some more baking shenanigans—so we’ll see if I can get a recipe recap up for y’all soon. 🙂

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