reflections, week 22

trying to stay on top of things this week, so here’s our accountability check-in for my 2019 goals!

write something every day (except Shabbat). I’ve written several days over the past week, but it’s pretty clear I’m not going to hit my monthly writing quota for the first time this year—but I’ve decided not to dwell on it and just keep trying the best I can to finish strong, at least. I’ve also gotten caught up on some of the bullet journal things I actually care about doing, so I expect I’ll have my “it’s about halfway through the year, how’s the bujo going?” post up sometime soon. 🙂

be better about money. I’ve been doing so much spending lately getting things that we need (and some things that I want) and trying to pay off some debts, so I’m really going to have to tighten up for the rest of the school year so I can be set for the summer. I’ve some savings and, now that J is working, I know it won’t be as bad as last year—but I’m still kind of having war-time flashbacks from last summer so I’d rather be safe than sorry! on a bright side, I officially have two fewer accounts to make payments on this summer! \o/

self-validate more. I’ve realized that I ask for feedback at work a lot because a- I don’t want to come across as too bossy and b- I really want that sweet, sweet validation. my work wife’s been amazing about providing actionable feedback and providing me the validation she knows I crave, but I need to stop expecting other colleagues to do the same! so for the rest of the school year, I’m asking for specific feedback when necessary and just trusting myself for the rest.

tonight I’ll get to reunite with a hometown friend and hopefully do some more writing—and you’ll maybe see some of that writing here, too! and maybe some pictures while we’re at it…

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