weekly update on resolutions, week 5

hello from Chiberia, y’all~

Write something every day (except Shabbat). I’ve actually only netted 1K more in the past week, which was actually just in the posts I made to this blog—a far cry from my 21K-in-four-weeks rate—but to be fair I was absurdly close to the threshold for pneumonia last week, so I’ll cut myself some slack. I did brainstorm some upcoming posts, start some drafts, and prep my bullet journal for the next month—so, you know, points to me.

Be better about money. Taxes are still not done—I have to contact an accountant because I’ve got some questions—but I did pull up my credit report and go on a quest yesterday to make sure every single payment reported is correct. I’ve also been working on the budget for next month, so I’ve got high hopes of continuing to improve in this category moving forward!

Self-validate more. This past week, I’ve done better at being nice to myself when I stumble and not giving myself too much crap for any blank spots in my habit tracker, so I’m pretty proud of myself right now. I just have to keep working on this moving forward. I also put my foot down about not going anywhere in this Arctic weather, so I’ll take that as self-care too. 🙂

until next week!

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