weekly update on resolutions, week 4

it’s that time of the week again y’all~

Write something every day (except Shabbat). I’ve only missed a grand total of five days in the whole month, which is totally wild for me! I’ve also written 21.5K words this month, way beyond anything I’d imagined!

Be better about money. I’ve collected all the stuff I need, so I am hoping to be able to report that my taxes are done when next I give y’all an update. On a bright side, I’ve gotten up to date on almost every account and I’ve got a plan moving forward. On a “need to work on” note, I didn’t actually spend time cooking until yesterday, so that “restaurants” tab on Mint has been getting a lot of action.

Self-validate more. This one has remained difficult, but I’m happy to say that I’ve kept working on it, and I’ve got the whole year!

there are a couple of posts in the drafts that need to be finished and queued; hopefully one of them will be posted before the end of this week and then we’ll have another next week πŸ’–

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